Saved By The Bell


Just to keep you updated, it was cold enough today for them to cancel school, yet again. You won’t hear me complaining though. We had a successful elearning day so we won’t have to make the day up. We will be doing the same thing tomorrow. Waking up at ten and working on an iPad for about three and a half hours sounds okay to me compared to a grueling seven hour day. It is absolutely bitter outside. Despite the weather I did manage to trudge out to the store and buy this bell pepper. People never really stay home do they? I guess somewhere along those lines I could ask myself why didn’t you stay home today? No matter, the stores were still busy. I suppose everyone could just be stocking up for tomorrow which is going to be the coldest day in many years. I tried to take this picture from an interesting perspective. I am actually holding this red bell pepper outside, thus the awkward lighting from the porch, all the while standing in the door way with the door wide open and freezing out the entire house. I’m such a multitasker aren’t I? I’m not totally such that multitasker is a real word, but surely if I use it twice in the same blog post that’s the equivalent anyway. To clarify the title of this post I couldn’t just pass up a change to use the phrase saved by the bell. It’s semi-relvent since the picture is of a bell pepper. So Long, I Will Return With More Snow Day Shenanigans.